Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a themed, live-action gaming experience where a group of players must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to escape from the room or achieve some other established goal within a pre-determined time frame.


How much does it cost?

Players are charged $30 a piece for each game.


How long do the games last?

Each game runs up to one hour. However when the pre-game presentation and post-game wrap up are factored in, the entire experience can run up to an hour and twenty minutes.


Are players really locked inside the room?

In our rooms, no. Our games generally revolve around reaching goals rather than actually escaping the room. While players are instructed stay inside the room during each game, the doors are never locked and players are free to exit should the need arise. However, exiting the room during a game without authorization may result in that player not being allowed to finish their game.


How many people can play at once?

Each game can handle up to eight players at once. However, we do run our games simultaneously, so groups of up to 16 players at a time can be accommodated simply by booking both games and splitting the players between them. However, once inside their respective game rooms, these teams will have no contact with each other until the games are completed.


Will each group of players have the game room to themselves?

Yes. Once you book a room, no matter the number of players, that room will be entirely yours for the duration of the game. We make it a policy not to mix or combine groups of players, which generally improves the overall gaming experience.


Can the games be played with just a single player?

Single players are allowed, however each game will be significantly more challenging for just one person to complete. There are a small number of puzzles that require two people to solve. In these instances, the player can request a staff member to enter the game and assist them. This staff member will not offer any hints or advise. They will simply follow the players instructions.


How old must you be to play?

All players must be at least 8 years old and accompanied by an adult who is 18 years or older. Our games include small props and breakable items that may not be safe for small children.


How long do the games last?

The actual gaming experience will last up to one hour. However, factoring in the pre-game presentation and the post-game wrap up, the entire experience could take up to 80 minutes.


Are the game times listed on the schedule the only ones available?

No. While we generally try to keep our games on a regular time table, we realize that some groups may desire an early morning, late night, or off-schedule game time. Larger groups may also require a shorter gap between game times to accommodate more players. Contact us today for more information on customized scheduling.


What if players arrive late?

Late players will be accommodated when possible. However, if a late arrival is likely to impact other scheduled games, then the group running late may lose their scheduled time slot. If that occurs, that group will be allowed to re-schedule at no additional charge. There will be no refunds for missing a game.


What should players bring?

No special equipment or tools are required to play. Anything a player may need will be provided within the game. We strongly suggest that guests leave items such as bags, purses, cell phones, etc in one of our free lockers, all of which include a free universal cell phone charger. Any player attempting to use any kind of tool or device that they brought with them will be asked to stop. Repeat violators may be removed from the game.


Is photography or video recording allowed?

No photography or video recording is allowed in the game rooms. However, players are allowed to take pictures and shoot video in the lobby area before or after their game. Players also have the option of having their picture taken for our official social media postings on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Are cell phones allowed?

No. Cell phones may not be used in any way during a game, whether its to make a call, send a text, take pictures, look up information, or use it as a flashlight. While you are allowed to keep your phone with you (and preferably silenced), we do offer free lockers in the lobby that include universal cell phone chargers. We strongly encourage all players to store all phones in one of these lockers during their game.


Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All of our games have been constructed to accommodate wheelchair access. However, there may be certain tasks, such as reaching a high shelf or crawling under a desk, that may prove difficult for some players. If no one on a team is comfortable with carrying out a specific task, players may ask for a staff member to enter the game and assist them. This staff member will not offer any hints or advise. They will simply follow the players instructions and aid them with the specific task.


Can non-English speaking players effectively play the games?

Each team will need to have at least one player fluent in English in order to properly play the games. A number of the clues and puzzles include audio or text information, all of which is presented in English.


Is there any kind or prize or reward for winning?

Just the thrill of victory, and possibly a place on our Escape Room leader board!