The Hall Of Shadows is a visual effects and animation company owned and operated by Ryan Carter. For more than a decade, the Hall Of Shadows has been involved in over one hundred productions, ranging from small corporate and web videos to network series and feature films. By catering to the needs of budget-minded producers, we can offer more direct interaction and control at substantially lower cost. Services include 3D modeling, animation, compositing, match-moving, motion tracking, and rotoscoping. Our pipeline is both scalable and flexible, allowing us to adapt as needed to match each individual project's time, budget, and workflow requirements.

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  • filter_dramaMichael Phillips, Film/Television Producer

    Hall Of Shadows has been my go-to source for VFX for the past seven years. Ryan's beyond-competitive quotes and professional service are only matched by the speed and quality of the product he has produced for me. From documentaries for the History Channel and Animal Planet to feature films, Ryan has always met every deadline.

  • filter_dramaDamond Van Hoesen, California Region Creative Lead at Comcast Spotlight

    I've had the pleasure of working with Ryan for over 10 years. Even after countless projects together, he still continues to amaze me with his unsurpassed creativity and skill as a modeler and animator. Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, his reliability, consistency, enthusiasm and reasonable rates are truly a rarity in this biz. I hesitate giving him such great praise for very selfish reasons... there are simply not enough Ryans in this world.

  • filter_dramaGideon Brun, President of Automatic Filters Inc.

    Ryan is a great fellow and was brought in by an outside producer to create an animation that demonstrated our water filtration products. We have since used him several times over the years to make revisions and create new animations for our web site, . He's always come on site to inspect and photograph the product, he sends us tests at various stages so we can direct him on the required changes, and he's always willing to negotiate on price and wouldn't overcharge us for changes that we have made on the work .

  • filter_dramaJustin Knowles, President/Lead Animator at CGI Studios

    I have known and worked with Ryan for around 10 years now. We started working together at Netter Digital and Foundation Imaging as employees. I have been president of CGI Studios for about 7 years now and still call him first when I'm in need of help with any animation project. Ryan always brings up the quality of any project we work on together. His unique strengths in lighting, animation, visual FX and compositing make the end result shine. I know when I bring him on to a job it is going to look stellar. I fully recommend Ryan for any animation project you may be in need of. He is very professional and straight forward. I know I can always count on him.

  • filter_dramaDavid Hale, Head of Programming at 44 Blue Productions

    In my experience with Ryan, like most producers, our expectations often exceeded our pocketbook and timeline. It didn't matter. Ryan's problem solving skills, professionalism and work ethic enabled visual effects that not only looked great themselves, they made us look great as content providers. We not only got more than we expected, we got more than we deserved. Those are the artists you look to do business with every time.

  • filter_dramaKit Hudson, Creative Director at Tactical Media

    Ryan Carter's "Hall of Shadows" is a first call for us when we need top-tier animation elements to bring our productions to life. Ryan brings an effortless grasp of each concept to our projects and always adds innovative, efficient ideas that translate into client pleasing, on-time delivery. Hall of Shadows is one of Tactical Media's most valuable resources.

  • filter_dramaBryn Pryor, Producer/Director

    Ryan has saved my ass more times than I can count, and always done it with grace and gentility. He keeps his sense of humor even when dropped into the trenches of impossible producer desires and director demands. I have regularly required Ryan to come up with solutions to problems there simply weren't solid answers for when we shot, and he has never disappointed. Instead, he has routinely delivered VFX of a scope and quality that would rival some of the best houses going. I literally couldn't do what I do without him.