Location-Based Games

Hall Of Shadows Escape Games now offers location-based games that involve finding clues and codes using everyday objects in real-world locations using the free ClueKeeper mobile app.

  • ONLY ONE PLAYER NEEDS TO PURCHASE THE GAME. Pricing is per game, not per player. A team of 5 pays the same flat fee as a team of 1.
  • Before purchasing one of our location-based games, you must install the free ClueKeeper app on your iOS or Android device. You will then be prompted to create a free ClueKeeper account.
  • If this is your first time using ClueKeeper, you may wish to download the free “Welcome To ClueKeeper” game on your app. This short instructional game will cover all the basics of game play on the app.
  • Once ClueKeeper has been installed and your account has been created, simply click FIND HUNTS and search for the specific game you are looking for. Games are listed by their distance to you, so the closer you are to the game location, the higher up it will be on the game list. You may then purchase that game through the app.
  • Games can be played at anytime within the time frame provided on the Hall Of Shadows website. Games that take place in parks, museums, etc can only be played during normal operating hours. Please be sure to confirm the available times before traveling to the location.
  • There are no hard restrictions on team size. You may include as many or as few people as you like. However, teams of 1-5 players are strongly recommended.
  • Teams have the option of either working together off a single device or each using their own device to find clues independently. Each player can install ClueKeeper and then the player who purchased the game can invite them to play using their email or ClueKeeper account name at no extra charge.
  • Automated clues are available through the app. There will be no live support during your game. You and your team must go it alone. If you encounter any problems with the app or issues at the game location that interfere with your game play, please let us know at control@hallofshadows.com
  • Please remember to respect private property as well as those around you. No game will EVER require you to enter private property or force your way into a location. Try not to be excessively loud during your game and try not obstruct the right-of-way of others.

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