320 North E St. San Bernardino, CA. 92401 


  • exit the 215 at 5th St Civic Center in San Bernardino and head east on 5th St, passing the IN-N-OUT BURGER
  • turn right on North E St and proceed 2 blocks to Court St.
  • at Court St. you may turn left and use street parking or the public parking lot, turn right and use the Carousel Mall Parking Structure, or proceed straight on North E St. to utilize street parking just past the foot bridge. The parking on North E St. is the closest, but spaces are limited.

The Hall Of Shadows in located inside The Enterprise building, adjacent to the SBX bus platform on North E St. and we are just two blocks North of the San Bernardino Transit Center, offering bus and rail connections across the Inland Empire. Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your scheduled game time.