Health And Safety

In an ongoing effort to ensure the health of our guests, the Hall Of Shadows is taking the following steps to provide our players a safe game experience.

  • All games at the Hall Of Shadows are private. Players will never be placed in a room with people they don’t know
  • For a limited time, we will be accepting only one game reservation for each available time slot. This means that only one team will be present at our facility at any one time
  • Guests will only have direct interaction with a single employee during each visit
  • Each guest will be encouraged to visit our restrooms and wash their hands with soap and water prior to their game
  • All commonly handled props and tools are now wiped down with disinfectant after each game
  • Our ventilation system will be continuously running to circulate fresh air into our rooms
  • If anyone with a pending game reservation is feeling ill or developing symptoms, we strongly encourage that player to either push their reservation to a later date or cancel it for a full and complete refund. This can be done for individual players or entire teams